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Bata’s - Best Burger in Cedar Rapids?

In the coming weeks GO CR will introduce around a dozen contestants for best burger in Cedar Rapids. We will make the case for each burger and then leave it up to you to determine the winners.

The first contestant for best burger in CR is a local legend that is as unique as it is delicious, the blueberry burger at Bata’s Restaurant.

You must start with the blueberries, which are actually mixed into the ground angus beef before the burger is placed on the grill.

Bata’s could have stopped there and called it unique but why do that!?! Goat cheese is melted on the patty while it grills because why use basic cheese if you’ve already committed to unique.

The burger is then placed on a grilled brioche bun and topped with…wait for it…a blueberry compote. Crispy bacon and a jalapeno relish is added. Bata’s brings it full circle by spreading an aioli on the bun, not just any aioli, a blueberry aioli! Because why not!

Creating layers of flavor is a culinary art and Bata’s blueberry burger is a masterpiece. You get sweet, tart, smoky and rich with touch of spice. Velvety beef, gooey cheese, bursts of blueberry, crispy bacon and acidity from jalapeno relish.

And the sweet potatoes fries, damn they’re good!

You must try this burger! If you already have, then you know that you must try it again!

Is this the best burger in Cedar Rapids? What do you think?

Bata’s offers much more than just burgers. High-end casual comfort food meets low-key fine dining in the heart of Newbo. Flatbread brick oven style pizzas, amazing seafood creations and creative culinary completion winning pork dishes are what to expect.

The atmosphere is laid back and approachable yet still the perfect place for a celebration or romantic date night.

Bata’s always has local craft beers on tap and the make some of the best signature cocktails in tow, so I’ve heard…

Visit GoCedarRapids on Facebook and let us know what you think is the best burger in Cedar Rapids.

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