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Raygun Opens Cedar Rapids Location

Raygun, the greatest store in the universe has opened a Cedar Rapids location. Drop by their multi level shop at the Newbo Depot for a good laugh and some really cool apparel.

The greatest store in the universe has come to Cedar Rapids! Raygun needs no introduction, their apparel brand launched in Iowa and has built a cult following while garnering national attention with their hilarious t-shirt designs.

When Raygun opens up shop in your community, they create an entire line-up of designs specific to your city. There is a misconception that Raygun’s mission is to take aim at a city and belittle it. In reality, Raygun offers the invaluable service of letting everyone in on the community’s inside jokes and ensuring that locals don’t take themselves too seriously in the process.

Who wants to visit or call a place home that doesn’t have a sense of humor? Thankfully Cedar Rapids has a rich history of making fun of itself and plenty of content to work with. That was not lost on owner Mike Draper, it was one of the primary reason he chose Cedar Rapids for his forth location.

Raygun has more than 50 Cedar Rapids specific designs printed on all sorts of goods. You could buy a Czechs, Drugs & Rock in Roll poster and an I’m Just Chillin’ in Cedar Rapids pint glass to go along with your Wake Up & Smell The Crunchberries t-shirt.

Located in the heart in the heart Newbo, Raygun is a can’t miss and must stop. Don’t forget to bring your sense of humor along!

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