Cedar Rapids Museum Of Art

Slow Art Day 2017

Location: The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
410 Third Ave SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Date: Saturday, April 8 2017

Slow Art Day 2017 is a look at 5 pieces in the CRMA collection in a detailed and purposeful way, to encourage truly seeing and appreciating art!


Slow Art Day  2017

One day each year, people all over the world visit local museums and galleries to look at art slowly. Participants look at five works of art for 10 minutes each and then meet together over lunch to talk about their experience. That’s it. Simple by design, the goal is to focus on the art and the art of seeing. In fact, Slow Art Day works best when people look at the art on their own slowly and then meet up to discuss the experience. Participants are encouraged to take notes or makes sketches (with pencil) of the artworks. The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, will provide a list of five artworks at the front desk on Saturday, April 8th. We encourage participants to view the 5 pieces for 10 minutes each (it’s a long time!) and meet up at noon in the Carnegie Library of the CRMA. Partakers are encouraged to bring their own lunch for this time. Associate Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, Kate Kunau will facilitate the discussion.


No registration is necessary, all art lovers and those open to becoming art lovers are welcome!