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Community Impact

Linn County will host more than 60,000 visitors annually thanks to tournaments at Prospect Meadows. These visitors will inject an estimated $20 million dollars of direct spending into the Linn County economy. Prospect Meadows has already caused new business development and will certainly cause further development in the future.

The impact of Prospect Meadows on our economy will be astronomical but the impact on the quality of life in Linn County will be even greater. Much of the $20 million dollars in annual direct spending will go directly to quality of life assets such as attractions, retailers, restaurants and entertainment. This massive amount of additional support will allow those assets to survive, grow and thrive; while at the same time paving the way for exciting new assets to come online.

Residents of Linn County will also benefit from having a world-class baseball and softball complex in our backyard, where our children will enjoy the game that teaches valuable lifelong lessons.

Prospect Meadows is especially excited about the Miracle Field which will allow children with special needs the opportunity to experience our national pastime as well as expanding the League of Dreams program to serve under privileged children.

Please consider making an investment in the economic development, quality of life and children of Linn County with a donation to the Prospect Meadows capital campaign. More than $11 million has already been raised which will allow the complex to be built and hosting youth baseball and softball in Spring 2019. Donations are still needed to ensure the complex is fitted with all of the amenities that will provide teams from all over the country a reason to visit Linn County and return year after year.